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Based in Cape Town, Appetite offers exceptional catering services for an array of events including weddings, anniversaries, graduations, embassy functions, birthdays, tour groups, corporate occasions, and gatherings at the University of Cape Town.
Crepe Roulade Main Meal

Our Services

Our comprehensive services include assistance in event planning, crafting personalised menus to fit your budget, and providing rental services for crockery and cutlery. We also handle co-ordination of all staff, floral arrangements, decor, and on-site management on the event day, ensuring a seamless experience for you. 

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About Appetite Catering

Meet Clare

Driven by my passion for cooking, I have been creating culinary delights since completing a Cordon Bleu cooking course in the 1980s. My first venture, Chefettes in Gauteng, was operational from 1990 to 2005. In 2008, Appetite Catering was born out of my dedication to bring quality cuisine to every event.

Gingerbread and chocolate mousse
Asparagus and Parma Ham Starter

Our Culinary Adventures

Some of our more ambitious culinary adventures include:

Effortless Dinners,
Expertly Prepared

Shop Our Frozen Meals​

In response to our customer’s needs, we’ve introduced a line of frozen meals. Available in single, double, and family-size portions, these convenient options don’t compromise on taste. Our diverse range includes everything from cakes and finger desserts to raw food, vegan dishes, and meals catering to gluten-free and Banting diets. 

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Our Cooking Philosophy

At Appetite, our cooking style is innovative and always in touch with local and global food trends. We take pride in using fresh, seasonal ingredients and grow our own herbs to ensure the utmost flavour and quality.