You won’t find Aromat in my kitchen

I studied for a year to be a hotel receptionist, but when an opportunity arose to work in a kitchen, I snapped it up, wanting to get as much experience as I could. I quickly realised that learning to cook was, for me, more rewarding then standing behind a desk greeting guests.

I am a peoples person, but quickly learned that what I loved most was cooking for the guests. I love reading cookbooks and foodie magazines and then trying out new techniques and ideas in my kitchen, with an emphasis on using fresh seasonal ingredients and making everything from scratch. You will not find chicken stock cubes or Aromat in my kitchen.

Kathy and I co-founded Chefettes in January 1990, in Johannesburg, in her mother’s kitchen. We had one client and delivered training course lunches for 12 people from Monday to Friday. Eventually her parents had had enough, and we converted their garage into a catering kitchen. Barbara & Carol were our first employees and so began our journey to employing 20 staff, converting a house in Wendywood into a kitchen and office space and catering on a large scale.

Kathy and I went our separate ways in 2005 when I moved to Cape Town and I started
Appetite Catering.

Over the years I have learnt to be super organised, stay calm, and I have boundless energy. Long days and nights are part of the deal. You are only as good as your last meal so every bit of energy goes into making any event I do as perfect as I can.

I have cooked for every type of event imaginable – on sea going yachts in tiny galley
kitchens, to lugging breakfast to the top of a mountain, sunset picnics on the beach, sit down corporate events for a 1000 guests, safari weddings and intimate dinners for 2 people. Nelson Mandela, Prince Charles, Richard Branson & Bill Clinton have all been guests at either Chefettes or Appetite functions.

I have had my share of mishaps – produce going off at the last minute, running out of food, being late for an event, cakes flopping, delivery vans laden with delicious ready-to-eat catering breaking down. There have has been tears and laughter, but also hundreds of compliments. I love what I do.